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About Lightning

Lightning is a 4D Component* for 4D v15 upwards. It's easily installed into a 4D database to
create a 4D Web Application, very quickly...

Facilities are provided for controlling user access, designing forms, validating data entry
and much more!

Lightning is designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced 4D developer.

Why should I use Lightning?

Without Lightning, developing a 4D web application requires additional development skills outside of the traditional double-clickable 4D application.

With Lightning, you only need very basic HTML knowledge to get your 4D database up and running on the web. You can continue to code in 4D and let Lightning do the rest,
it's that easy....

Without Lightning, web application development is a very time consuming and costly exercise
for you and your client.

For a small investment, you can quickly and easily create a highly functional, browser independent application, for all of your 4D applications, safe in the knowledge that future releases of Lightning will incorporate the latest technology and additional features to enable you to stay "one step ahead" of your competition.

Does Lightning work on iPad, iPhone and Android devices?

Absolutely! There are no limitations with using Lightning on these devices.

Services are available to help web enable your 4D database.

* A 4D Component is written entirely in native 4D code and should not be confused with a 4D Plugin.